Rezotone - United States

Nancy Collins, 81, Cape Cod, MA

I purchased the REZOTONE 12, and the IDEA NECKLACE and started wearing it on APRIL 10, 2022, from JULIA! * I noticed a calmness immediately, and less baggage around me. * It has been around one month and a half +, that I have been wearing both the REZOTONE 12 and the IDEA Necklace. * I have noticed the aches and pains every night have stopped. * Definitely, my car is driving very smoothly, and my oil consumption is way up and is running fabulously! * I also believe, my digestion is better. * My stamina and concentration is working, better- SITTING DOWN, has gone...


I have noticed that when I go to pray for someone or send healing, while holding my Rezotone in my hands, it greatly magnifies the intensity of my prayers. It is very very powerful. It is like a close friend, I feel lots of love with it and I talk to it as well. That love and healing gets sent to others.And ps: my Rezotone was accidentally put in the washing machine and dryer and is still working!

Mike Fish, New York

I have had a rezotone shield for many years and don’t go anywhere without it. It has healed me and my family in so many ways I can’t thank you enough. I live in New York USA and am interested in info on the Q light generator I’m super excited about what it can do having experienced first hand the magic of the Rezotone.

Carla, Texas

Hi Julia! My Rezotone experienceI just wanted to tell you I’ve received my rezotone for 6 weeks now, and I’m feeling more energy !I’m sleeping better too !Julia, I love, my REZOTONE device very much !!!

Beverly, Florida

TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE !Dear Julia,Since I am using REZOTONE 12, plus comb with the spectral« IDEA»information, my hair has become a lot thicker! I can’t think of any other reason why this should have happened as have numeroushealth issues vanished !!! and I am 75 years old!Love & thanks

Jessica, NY

I am using Rezotone 12 USB. I wear it all day around my neck and in the right bra cup. I plug it in, in the bedroom at night. As my medication has change from 170 mcg to 100 mcg, I am assuming that the Rezotone and Angel is doing this, because between 85 REZOTONE’s programs, one program for the hormonal balance, plus my wonderful Angel is helping me.


My Rezatone has been healing my body, my mind, helping me with situations.Has fixed my laptop , My friend’s car battery issue and a plumbing shower issue and so many other things. I have three other people that put orders in. It’s hard to find people of like mine, but it is life-changing and I’m just so grateful for you and your team.I also truly love my Q light Generator has absolutely been shifting me tremendously.I woke up the other night around 2:00 a.m. and there was something floating over both of my devices.I kept them on the table...


I’ve had my rezotone for 6 weeks now and I’m feeling more energy ! I’m sleeping better too!I have more energy and have better sleep. I feel like I’m looking younger.Also my brain is sharper. I feel more positive lately. Im stronger in my weight training and cardio.Im 52,but look 40 and hoping to look even younger!God bless you Julia


Dear Julia, Have a blessed day, and know that you have changed my life with my rezotone 12 healer, angel, miracle worker, 5G protector. Miracles have been taking place in my life since it was delivered. I feel protection. I wear it on the inside of my bra daily. You are changing people’s lives with these products and you have a selfless heart:).God Bless you and yours, Be well and in love and Light!


Darling Julia!  How special and thank you for thinking of me! How are you? I hope all is wonderful!  For weeks my REZOTONE has been sitting on my dresser broken. Not long ago my daughter Nayeli was rough with it and the piece that goes into the USB was bent. It was fragile to begin with and after this happened, it would break apart when removing it from the plug. Frustrated I left it on my dresser. After I read your email I decided to look at it. I held it in my hands and said a prayer to the...

Kay Lindemann, Washington State

Dear Julia, I now have REZOTONE 12 plugged in near my computer area.It puts out a HUGE field that immediately cleared a lot of energy at first and has now smoothed everything out! My husband and I are thrilled. We are both very skilled at selecting settings on equipment such as the REZOTONE 12 and are glad to have the options.

Matthew, LA

Thank you Julia!  Wow the future is now! We are One, the healing of one human been benefit for the whole body of our magnificient consciousness. Let’s do it all and together. Much LOVE to you and all your team!!! Thank you so much for assisting me on my journey, looking forward to sharing this precious gift with the ones with affinity and are ready to shift into the new stage of life. Stay uplifting Matthew, USA, LA

Laura, New Jersey

 I purchased the first 2 USBs for my parents(about 4 months ago) because my parents were having severe symptoms(most likely from EMF exposure).  My parents had fatigue, headaches, dizziness, heart related issues, walking problems, memory problems, etc. which were getting serious.  However, after I purchased the USBs for them, they are a lot more alive, stable in health and most of these problems have improved tremendously(if they had 100% symptoms before, it seems that they have about 10% symptoms now).   I believe that these USBs are definitely working because my parents are very practical people who tend to follow the...

Kimberly, Harmony Sound, California

My experience is upon receiving the 5G REZOTONE shield, I plugged it in and noticed within 24 hours a real calming effect on my body. I immediately felt less anxious and I could think more clearly and felt more energy. I did as recommended and held it on my body when I felt the need to take a nap during the day…. often when the Schumann Frequency was spiking as I’m very energy sensitive. I started noticing I felt much better than I used to when these high spikes happened between 70-120HZ. After I feel calmer, not so agitated and no...

Karen, Illinois

I received the Rezotone late yesterday and wanted to share with you some of my experiences with the device so far. Today I went to my chiropractor’s office to pick up some supplements…she knew that I had just received the Rezotone and wanted to see and test it because we have both been looking for something that offers 5G protection. We started with a hair dryer, she muscle tested me but could not get my arm to go weak as long as the Rezotone was in my hand or in the room. She moved it to another room far enough...

Jim, GEMINI Health Emporium, NH

I purchased 3 of the Rezotone USB devices because I want protection against the unfortunate 5G rollout in the USA. When I first tried them I could feel chills running through my body, the sensation was rather unusual. As I do not have 5G or WIFI in my living environment (thank God!) I decided to lend one of the USBs to a friend Todd, who is extremely sensitive to EMFs and does have WIFI in his environment. He wrote, “When I first plugged it in last night, I felt uncontrollable smiling from the relief. These things are amazing. “Todd...

Amie, LA

I currently have three of your USB devices when they were sold on (Now they sell something else that doesn’t work!) I love your USB REZOTONE keys. They even help with my gas mileage in my car by 4 mpg! I would like to buy three more from your new website, so I can add a couple more in my house for 5g protection and one permanently in my car. Something else that is funny. When I purchased your USB keys, my fiance thought I was crazy that a device like that could have any affect. He told me I...


This morning Todd came in, to return the USB he had borrowed from me. He told me that he had been trying to find a new WIFI Router/Modem and discovered it’s impossible these days to get a new WIFI Router/Modem that will allow you to turn the WIFI OFF, the WIFI portion is always ON even though you can use the modem section to hardwire your internet connection. Older WIFI/modems used to allow the WIFI section to be disabled (off). WIFI really bothers him, it makes him extremely uncomfortable and even angry. So this morning he took the Rezotone...


Jim, I slept with REZOTONE USB last night .The room felt abnormally peaceful. Still monitoring results, but man, these things work FAR better than the Q-Links, but really perhaps it just a different form of anti-radiation. Todd. 

Amanda, CA

After I had bought USB REZOTONE, I noticed that it normalized my blood pressure and stopped my heart fibrillations, which I always had after EMF   exposure.