Rezotone experience

Kimberly, Harmony Sound, California

My experience is upon receiving the 5G REZOTONE shield,

I plugged it in and noticed within 24 hours a real calming effect on my body. I immediately felt less anxious and I could think more clearly and felt more energy. I did as recommended and held it on my body when I felt the need to take a nap during the day…. often when the Schumann Frequency was spiking as I’m very energy sensitive.

I started noticing I felt much better than I used to when these high spikes happened between 70-120HZ. After I feel calmer, not so agitated and no need to go hop in a bath which I used to do to calm my body. I take it with me when I’m driving because California is loaded with 5G WIFI towers.

However, nothing prepared me for what I witnessed in my father who lives with me and has military PTSD and has been grieving very hard since losing my MOM 5 months ago after nearly 60 years together.

Previous to purchasing and plugging in the 5G Rezotone Shield in our home, I had a hard time getting him to eat dinner and he would go to bed crying every night. This was a regular occurrence for 5 months. Within two weeks of having this amazing device plugged in, he started calming down and making more jokes during the day and wanting to get out of the house more.

Within 3 weeks, he was eating dinner with me just about every night and crying only a few nights per week. After a month, he is going to bed feeling hope about the future again. I know my father very well, and I’m absolutely sure he would not have experienced this emotional turnabout if he were not exposed to the healing properties of this device on our physical, emotional, mental, etheric bodies and I’m so very grateful to 5G Rezotone Shield. I have subsequently purchased the devices for all members of my family as they are so handy to take with you wherever you go. I truly feel everyone living in CA should have at least one of these devices for EMF protection and while 5G may not be in your area yet, LTE still emits very harmful EMF’s and deserves your protection. However 5G is so much worse and is being rolled out to more and more U.S. cities across the country in 2020.

Here’s a 5G coverage map where you can type in your zipcode to see what you are exposed to now:


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