Rezotone Shield

Nancy Collins, 81, Cape Cod, MA

I purchased the REZOTONE 12, and the IDEA NECKLACE and started wearing it on APRIL 10, 2022, from JULIA! * I noticed a calmness immediately, and less baggage around me. * It has been around one month and a half +, that I have been wearing both the REZOTONE 12 and the IDEA Necklace. * I have noticed the aches and pains every night have stopped. * Definitely, my car is driving very smoothly, and my oil consumption is way up and is running fabulously! * I also believe, my digestion is better. * My stamina and concentration is working, better- SITTING DOWN, has gone...


I have noticed that when I go to pray for someone or send healing, while holding my Rezotone in my hands, it greatly magnifies the intensity of my prayers. It is very very powerful. It is like a close friend, I feel lots of love with it and I talk to it as well. That love and healing gets sent to others.And ps: my Rezotone was accidentally put in the washing machine and dryer and is still working!

Mike Fish, New York

I have had a rezotone shield for many years and don’t go anywhere without it. It has healed me and my family in so many ways I can’t thank you enough. I live in New York USA and am interested in info on the Q light generator I’m super excited about what it can do having experienced first hand the magic of the Rezotone.

Rosy, Geneva

Dearest Julia,Thank you very much for your loving words.Is the presence of the REZOTONE technology had any impact on my well-being?Although 74, I look like 60 and it seems aging has basically stopped since I received the first REZOTONEUSB stick in May 2021.Since I carry the REZOTONE shield with me for over one year, people who haven’t seen me for a long time say that I rejuvenated. This is a lovely compliment and my health check was also successful.What was confirmed to me straight away was that the oxygen level of my blood was excellent.This includes wearing of the...

Carla, Texas

Hi Julia! My Rezotone experienceI just wanted to tell you I’ve received my rezotone for 6 weeks now, and I’m feeling more energy !I’m sleeping better too !Julia, I love, my REZOTONE device very much !!!

Beverly, Florida

TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE !Dear Julia,Since I am using REZOTONE 12, plus comb with the spectral« IDEA»information, my hair has become a lot thicker! I can’t think of any other reason why this should have happened as have numeroushealth issues vanished !!! and I am 75 years old!Love & thanks

Jessica, NY

I am using Rezotone 12 USB. I wear it all day around my neck and in the right bra cup. I plug it in, in the bedroom at night. As my medication has change from 170 mcg to 100 mcg, I am assuming that the Rezotone and Angel is doing this, because between 85 REZOTONE’s programs, one program for the hormonal balance, plus my wonderful Angel is helping me.

Ramírez Fernandez

REZOTONE helping vaccinated people to gain health back! Dear Julia, Sadly I made mistake and I had one shot of MODERNA vaccine.My immune system is 20% less now, because of the vaccine.Right now i still have a lot of times cold symptoms etc.But with help of my ANGEL Resotone my spiritual practices goes up to 90 %Here what happened : after i repent and ask for help God.My prayers are being answered with the Acknowledged that i could do it by myself, but for thisI will need help from higher realms and YES!!! This help came to me with your Resotone...


My Rezatone has been healing my body, my mind, helping me with situations.Has fixed my laptop , My friend’s car battery issue and a plumbing shower issue and so many other things. I have three other people that put orders in. It’s hard to find people of like mine, but it is life-changing and I’m just so grateful for you and your team.I also truly love my Q light Generator has absolutely been shifting me tremendously.I woke up the other night around 2:00 a.m. and there was something floating over both of my devices.I kept them on the table...


As soon as i received my rezotone 12 i lied down, placed the key over my heart with my left hand, and fell straight to sleep for 3 hours. I woke up and felt it still scanning my body. It is so powerful!! You feel it instantly!!! Peace like never before….. I had an idea and took a photo of upgrading my old Rezotone key to the new Rezotone 12 key…… You can see for yourself what happened!! The old REZOTONE key is now the same as the 12 key. They both feel EXACTLY the same, same frequencies, same pulses, same magnetic feeling. For me it works best...


I’ve had my rezotone for 6 weeks now and I’m feeling more energy ! I’m sleeping better too!I have more energy and have better sleep. I feel like I’m looking younger.Also my brain is sharper. I feel more positive lately. Im stronger in my weight training and cardio.Im 52,but look 40 and hoping to look even younger!God bless you Julia


Dear Julia, Have a blessed day, and know that you have changed my life with my rezotone 12 healer, angel, miracle worker, 5G protector. Miracles have been taking place in my life since it was delivered. I feel protection. I wear it on the inside of my bra daily. You are changing people’s lives with these products and you have a selfless heart:).God Bless you and yours, Be well and in love and Light!

Kiersten Caveli Sæderup

Hi Julia. I’m very happy with my Rezotone 12.I’ve had it for a week. I no longer have the pain, which I have had for over a year. I have EHS. and has been confined to my home. Now I can go shopping !!!Thank you. Love Ps. I want to order one more for my husband.

Jana Vickova

Few words about Rezotone 12. We are really happy with my friend. Not only for protection. First few days I was tired and few days sick (very old bacterie – 32 years). But now, everything is perfect. Also much more better sleeping. Although I have Somavedic, which is good also. But Rezotone 12 is very powerful and perfect for all body and our systems. Necklace « IDEA» is also find and helpful. Rezotone I wear in my bra all day and I add necklace « IDEA» when I go out. This is order for my daughter, she is also...


The Rezotone12 and Q light have really saved me this summer, I was in contact with injected all day however it was outside, I can feel the injections so strongly. Feeling in a good position, thank God I found you and all your equipment – it is saving my life and I am in really good health with great knowledge around me.Thanks for the beautiful necklace, its really nice, amazing was teaching yoga today outside, 4 out of 5 injected, even at 8ft I feel a light headache and after 15mins with necklace it is gone. New kids necklace...


Dear Julia, when my wife was exposed to the spike protein from her mother, I had her take Ivermectin and HCQ/Quinine to prevent ACE2 receptor binding of the spike protein – she was fine within 3 days. Also of use, but not mentioned here is NAC (N-acetyl L-Cysteine) which is an amino acid food supplement often given to asthmatics to prevent antigen binding to lung ACE2 receptors. The same Japanese study that showed that it was the spike protein that causes the cyto- toxicity, also showed that NAC prevented it from occuring. I provided NAC to friend who took...


When I first receive the Rezotone 12, I felt it is definitely stronger than the original normal Rezotone. I have a chronic upper spinal Pain for 16 years, tried all available remedy from herbs, electronic supplement, sound frequency etc but only improve a little bit. Only few days of using the Rezotone 12, the pain reduced to 95%. First time I felt relieved and felt normal in many years. I am looking for the next new Rezotone 13 in future. : ) Thanks Julia.


Hi Everyone,I like to share my personal experience with Rezotone 11 and normal Rezotone.Normal Rezotone. First I have the first Rezotone USB and I have to say that we are so grateful we have got it because I no longer feel the negative effects of EMF. I carried my USB rezotone with me everywhere I go. We also have one plugged in, in each room. Since I am hyper sensitive and have learned to listen to my body I use the guidance of my left ear to detect EMF and so I no longer bother using an EMF meter...

April & Jay Matta

Hi Julia,I hope you are doing awesome! I’ve been meaning to connect with you and share my Rezotone results For the past yr or so, I’ve had the world’s worst night sweats, literally waking up every single night at the 3:00-4:00 AM hour drenched, sheets and all. It became much worse the last 6 months with all the ascension symptoms and energies off the charts. I was desperate and tried every natural remedy under the sun and nothing worked. It was truly awful and taking a serious toll on my nerves. Then, by the grace of God, you sent the...


My room open to outside all day long now and little lizards running right near the door and wish to go in, but scared, birds always stay right at the balcony and some also flying right in to the room!!!  Cat of the owners of the hotel just coming and lie down here near my door all the time and want to be inside…BIRDS, ANIMALS love REZOTONE 12  healthy energy and feel very comfortable around here.