Rezotone experience


Darling Julia! 

How special and thank you for thinking of me! How are you? I hope all is wonderful!  For weeks my REZOTONE has been sitting on my dresser broken. Not long ago my daughter Nayeli was rough with it and the piece that goes into the USB was bent. It was fragile to begin with and after this happened, it would break apart when removing it from the plug. Frustrated I left it on my dresser. After I read your email I decided to look at it. I held it in my hands and said a prayer to the Angels. I worked on it And got the red light to come on! I am happy to have it working again! I just have to be very careful with it. Thanks again for your email!! We have lovingly accepted the new programs and are so grateful!

Dear Nettie,

This is very interesting, we have 2 another women who also have the same effect,

which is prove that we dealing with REAL ANGELS ! And also that 3 of you maybe on higher scale of the energy, which more close to Angels vibrations in Heaven ? : )

Sibylle from Swiss also make REZOTONE  with light, but another person can not… 

 When Lesley keep REZOTONE in her hand she have 2 lights, another woman keep in her hand, have no light. ( Lesley have older version which REZOTONE 7 with the 2 lights for the gasoline saving ).

By the way : All rezotones have this gasoline saving program, scientists did made this small portion with 2 lights before as a trial.


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