Rezotone experience

Carla, Texas

Hi Julia!

My Rezotone experience
I just wanted to tell you I’ve received my rezotone for 6 weeks now, and I’m feeling more energy !
I’m sleeping better too !
Julia, I love, my REZOTONE device very much !!!


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I have noticed that when I go to pray for someone or send healing, while holding my Rezotone in my hands, it greatly magnifies the intensity of my prayers. It is very very powerful....

Ramírez Fernandez

REZOTONE helping vaccinated people to gain health back! Dear Julia, Sadly I made mistake and I had one shot of MODERNA vaccine.My immune system is 20% less now, because of the vaccine.Right now i still have...

Alexander Johnston, Columbia, MO

When I first received the Rezotone USB, the first thing I noticed is a tingling sensation in the arm I was holding the device in. It was only a couple hours later that my...

Manuela, Zurich, ballettmeister

Beautiful Julia, Thank you so much for the Rezotone 12. My Sleep immediately improved. I’m living in a small apparement in Zurich, where above and below, vaxxed people are living and sleeping. Protection different than “normal” Rezotone....