Rezotone experience

Laura, New Jersey

 I purchased the first 2 USBs for my parents(about 4 months ago) because my parents were having severe symptoms(most likely from EMF exposure).  My parents had fatigue, headaches, dizziness, heart related issues, walking problems, memory problems, etc. which were getting serious.  However, after I purchased the USBs for them, they are a lot more alive, stable in health and most of these problems have improved tremendously(if they had 100% symptoms before, it seems that they have about 10% symptoms now).  

I believe that these USBs are definitely working because my parents are very practical people who tend to follow the crowd (i.e., unless it is accepted by the general population that something works, they are very resistant to try “out of the ordinary” type of things).  However, after I got these USBs for them, they carry around the USBs with them all of the time and they seem very satisfied with them. I also tried the USB and it has a very soothing feeling. I wanted to get some more USB for my nephew and nieces (who are very young).  I am concerned about 5G being installed soon in our environment (esp. in schools). 


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Rosy, Geneva

Dearest Julia,Thank you very much for your loving words.Is the presence of the REZOTONE technology had any impact on my well-being?Although 74, I look like 60 and it seems aging has basically stopped since...


Rezotone technology will be a life-saver for those who accept it. Unfortunately, the majority will not accept or believe in it, but lives will be saved for those who do.

Izee Spirit, Syndey

My dear Julia, Good evening to you. I hope you are doing well when you get this email. First of all, we would like to thank you for your Loving Tender Care. Fingers crossed I will be able to...

Amie, LA

I currently have three of your USB devices when they were sold on (Now they sell something else that doesn’t work!) I love your USB REZOTONE keys. They even help with my gas mileage in...