Rezotone experience


This morning Todd came in, to return the USB he had borrowed from me. He told me that he had been trying to find a new WIFI Router/Modem and discovered it’s impossible these days to get a new WIFI Router/Modem that will allow you to turn the WIFI OFF, the WIFI portion is always ON even though you can use the modem section to hardwire your internet connection. Older WIFI/modems used to allow the WIFI section to be disabled (off). WIFI really bothers him, it makes him extremely uncomfortable and even angry. So this morning he took the Rezotone USB and plugged it into the WIFI router and instantly he could feel the entire HOUSE was clear. We both found that to be remarkable! Thanks!


More experiences

aRAYah’, Florida

I have had my REZOTONE for more than 2 weeks and this is my experience in the first week: I plugged the Rezotone into my pc (which I was subsequently told that it was recommended...

Arne M. B.

Before when I went into the city of Zürich, which has very strong 5G, I would come back home drained out and energetically disturbed. It would take me at least 12 hours or more...


The Rezotone12 and Q light have really saved me this summer, I was in contact with injected all day however it was outside, I can feel the injections so strongly. Feeling in a good...

Amanda, CA

After I had bought USB REZOTONE, I noticed that it normalized my blood pressure and stopped my heart fibrillations, which I always had after EMF   exposure.