Rezotone experience

Nancy Collins, 81, Cape Cod, MA

I purchased the REZOTONE 12, and the IDEA NECKLACE and started wearing it on APRIL 10, 2022, from JULIA!

* I noticed a calmness immediately, and less baggage around me.

* It has been around one month and a half +, that I have been wearing both the REZOTONE 12 and the IDEA Necklace.

* I have noticed the aches and pains every night have stopped.

* Definitely, my car is driving very smoothly, and my oil consumption is way up and is running fabulously!

* I also believe, my digestion is better.

* My stamina and concentration is working, better- SITTING DOWN, has gone up in time.

* My nails have grown and harder.

* My hair is in better shape and growing faster.

* I also have the SHUNGITE pyramids which extend the life of food in the refrigerator.

Thank you, Julia, for all your help in passing on information, much LOVE!

Nancy Star


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