The Blue Spheres (The Rational Intelligence) are a Benevolent Angelic race who are co-creators of the programs in the Rezotone USB.

The technologies presented by our group of scientists are based on a completely new science called “Natural programming”. Its foundations are described by us, in particular, in the monograph, as well as in a number of publications and patents.

Natural programming differs from traditional (used in computing) in that it operates not only with the binary code ” Yes-no “(or” 0-1″), but also with all the operators inherent in speech and thought forms of man, nature, and the Creator himself.

Binary programming of modern computer technology has successfully exhausted itself, without having the ability to independently create a creative process. It has so far played – albeit very successfully – but only an applied role. And now – it is replaced by neural networks that are significantly superior to humans in their own creative abilities. For example, the blue Tim neural network, which learned to play chess in 4 hours, acquired an ELO coefficient much higher than that of all current (and past!) chess champion. At the same time, grandmasters note that it not only has the ability to count 20-25 moves ahead, which can be such perfect chess engines as Houdini and Komodo, but also show outstanding examples of strategic thinking, making the so-called,”human” moves. And this is what is called “Natural programming”.

Thus, if modern computer technology (with its most advanced programs Houdini, Komodo, Stockfish, and others) has only applied value, although it is the top of the NTR, then neural networks are the beginning of the next technological revolution – Energy and Information (or EIR). EIR also includes the technologies we offer, which are essentially ” living “(or” animate”) systems. Now let’s go directly to the programs that our creative scientific group creates.

The first programs were acceleration and deceleration programs that can be successfully applied to slow down or accelerate biological, physiological, chemical, physical, and technological processes. A number of devices for regulating physiological processes in the body were obtained. Devices for increasing the strength, plasticity, and flexibility of polymers, metals, ceramics, multilayer composite materials, and complex materials were obtained.

Further, we received programs for thickening and liquefaction, which were successfully used in the thickening and liquefaction of hydrocarbons, which allowed us to create a whole series of devices for saving hydrocarbon fuel and solving environmental problems.

Special programs were created for winemakers, food processors, and perfumers.

These programs improve the aroma, smell, taste, and consistency of the products that you interact with. They are actively used by Italian winemakers, improving the taste and aroma of their wines. Our programs are successfully used by cooks, Housewives, perfumers.

At present, we are starting to use industrial programs to improve water quality. Such water will improve the human and environmental ecology,

reduce diseases, restore health, and the relationship between people and the environment.

For individual assistance to a person, we can offer generators and devices that operate from the network and the electromagnetic field of the environment.

These devices can produce the necessary effects locally or over a large area. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the programs can be mono or complex.

At the moment, the most interesting program, what we offer with this unique technology, Rezotone, is “Improving immunity and resistance of the body”, which was tested in the families of the authors and their friends. People who use this program have been feeling good for more than a month.

Our device can work both individually if it is worn close to the body (no more than 65 cm) without being connected to the network, and for a radius of 40 m when it is connected to the network.

The fact is that, our programs work, which are a chain of operators of natural programming, the essence of which can be understood from our publications.