Rezotone experience

Beverly, Florida

Dear Julia,
Since I am using REZOTONE 12, plus comb with the spectral« IDEA»information, my hair has become a lot thicker! I can’t think of any other reason why this should have happened as have numerous
health issues vanished !!! and I am 75 years old!
Love & thanks


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I’ve had my rezotone for 6 weeks now and I’m feeling more energy ! I’m sleeping better too!I have more energy and have better sleep. I feel like I’m looking younger.Also my brain is...

Arne M. B.

Before when I went into the city of Zürich, which has very strong 5G, I would come back home drained out and energetically disturbed. It would take me at least 12 hours or more...

Leslie Waters and Nigel Roper

My husband (Nigel) and I (Leslie) have been carrying a REZOTONE 12 around our neck for 5 days now. I have turned off all other EMF protection within my business premises and home from...

Jessica, NY

I am using Rezotone 12 USB. I wear it all day around my neck and in the right bra cup. I plug it in, in the bedroom at night. As my medication has change...