Rezotone experience


My Rezatone has been healing my body, my mind, helping me with situations.
Has fixed my laptop , My friend’s car battery issue and a plumbing shower issue and so many other things. I have three other people that put orders in. It’s hard to find people of like mine, but it is life-changing and I’m just so grateful for you and your team.
I also truly love my Q light Generator has absolutely been shifting me tremendously.
I woke up the other night around 2:00 a.m. and there was something floating over both of my devices.
I kept them on the table next to me.


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Matthew, LA

Thank you Julia!  Wow the future is now! We are One, the healing of one human been benefit for the whole body of our magnificient consciousness. Let’s do it all and together. Much LOVE to you...

Finola Ní Fhoghlu

Dearest Julia, I have tested the new Rezotone 12 and I have found it definitely does work. This weekend I was exposed to a lot of injected people, it didn’t bother me like it had been...


Just received my order and plugged them in. I purchased 3, to grid my home and then unplug one to carry with me when I leave my house. I’m sensitive to energies and when...

Jasminrose, Florida

Fist day, when I got the USB, I inserted stick into a phone charger. After approximately 15 minutes, I held the USB stick in my hand and lay down for half an hour, continue...