Rezotone experience

Karen, Illinois

I received the Rezotone late yesterday and wanted to share with you some of my experiences with the device so far.

Today I went to my chiropractor’s office to pick up some supplements…she knew that I had just received the Rezotone and wanted to see and test it because we have both been looking for something that offers 5G protection. We started with a hair dryer, she muscle tested me but could not get my arm to go weak as long as the Rezotone was in my hand or in the room. She moved it to another room far enough away so she could get a weak response with the hair dryer on and then repeated it again with the Rezotone in the room and I was rock strong again. She then muscle tested me touching the computer, the router and cell phone in her front office without the Rezotone on me or in the room and my arm went weak. We tested again with me touching the computer, the router, and the cell phone while I held the Rezotone and then again with the Rezotone a few feet away and I tested strong as a rock both times. Plus the smart meter is on the wall outside her office which we didn’t go outside to check but if it was pulsing at the time we were testing inside, it had no effect. My chiropractor held the device as well and was very impressed with what she was feeling.

Last night, I soaked in the tub and had the computer in the bathroom so I could listen to a meditative journey. I also had the Rezotone plugged into the outlet. When I first got into the tub I could feel my whole body, especially the stomach area just abuzz, almost like getting the chills but I wasn’t cold. I felt those sensations for quite a while throughout the meditation, about 10 minutes before I got out of the tub, the sensations stopped. I felt like a wet noodle afterwards, took me forever to dry off and get ready for bed. Went downstairs and had some Vit. C and lemon juice in 20 ounces of Divinia Water and then went to bed. That was an experience! LOL!!! I went to bed with a slight headache and woke up with it, had it throughout the day and then it just went away. Yeah!

Also, when I went to bed after the meditative soak in the tub, I felt my sinuses open up and could feel myself breathing down to my toes while laying in bed…it was almost as though I could feel all the cells breathing in my body. What a blessing! My sinuses have been a little closed up today, but not bad at all. Just waiting to see if they clear up more tonight…that would be wonderful!

It has now been a week since I received my Rezotone Shield. Last night I was studying for a quiz and it was very late at night. I had focus, understanding and retention like I have never experienced before. This is huge for me because I had suffered a concussion 4 years ago that affected my memory and ability to focus and retain information.

Julia, thank you


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