Rezotone experience


As soon as i received my rezotone 12 i lied down, placed the key over my heart with my left hand, and fell straight to sleep for 3 hours. I woke up and felt it still scanning my body. It is so powerful!! You feel it instantly!!! Peace like never before…..

I had an idea and took a photo of upgrading my old Rezotone key to the new Rezotone 12 key……

You can see for yourself what happened!! The old REZOTONE key is now the same as the 12 key. They both feel EXACTLY the same, same frequencies, same pulses, same magnetic feeling. For me it works best placed over my heart..…

Zoom in on black plug…..see the energy between the two rezotone keys

WOW!!! this is such an amazing time to witness all that is happening!!It is so powerful…I feel SO peaceful,  I am so grateful too you all !  More miracles to come……..:)

Still felt the connection to the Angelic blue plasmoid being, when key was 25 miles away.  

I am very happy thank you!!!!

Love REZOTONE Angels

Thank you so much!!! This is just the beginning!

Much love


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