Rezotone experience


Dear Julia, when my wife was exposed to the spike protein from her mother, I had her take Ivermectin and HCQ/Quinine to prevent ACE2 receptor binding of the spike protein – she was fine within 3 days. Also of use, but not mentioned here is NAC (N-acetyl L-Cysteine) which is an amino acid food supplement often given to asthmatics to prevent antigen binding to lung ACE2 receptors. The same Japanese study that showed that it was the spike protein that causes the cyto- toxicity, also showed that NAC prevented it from occuring. I provided NAC to friend who took vaccines in addition to the HCQ I advised him to take. The REZOTONE 12 you kindly sent for him seems to be the final component needed – and he is absolutely fine right now. He thanks you, as do I.T he REZOTONE12 are the invaluable final piece of the protection puzzle.

Much love


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