Rezotone experience


The Rezotone12 and Q light have really saved me this summer, I was in contact with injected all day however it was outside, I can feel the injections so strongly. Feeling in a good position, thank God I found you and all your equipment – it is saving my life and I am in really good health with great knowledge around me.Thanks for the beautiful necklace, its really nice, amazing was teaching yoga today outside, 4 out of 5 injected, even at 8ft I feel a light headache and after 15mins with necklace it is gone. New kids necklace will be good for the children, who have parents and grandparents vaccinated.Thank you Julia.
God Bless and Love to you.3


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Amie, LA

I currently have three of your USB devices when they were sold on (Now they sell something else that doesn’t work!) I love your USB REZOTONE keys. They even help with my gas mileage in...

Sibylle Gabrielv

Since I use the Rezotone UBS stick I sleep much longer and better and I can work longer and thinking is much easier, I am more creative. I told all my friends and contacts to...

Manuela, Zurich, ballettmeister

Beautiful Julia, Thank you so much for the Rezotone 12. My Sleep immediately improved. I’m living in a small apparement in Zurich, where above and below, vaxxed people are living and sleeping. Protection different than “normal” Rezotone....

Juelie S. Renkilde Pedersen

I have suffered from EHS (electro-hyper-sensitivity) for 17 years, since my mid 20’s. I am extremely sensitive to frequencies. For me, the first 5G Rezotone Shield was a life saver. I experienced a liberty...