Rezotone experience


The Rezotone12 and Q light have really saved me this summer, I was in contact with injected all day however it was outside, I can feel the injections so strongly. Feeling in a good position, thank God I found you and all your equipment – it is saving my life and I am in really good health with great knowledge around me.Thanks for the beautiful necklace, its really nice, amazing was teaching yoga today outside, 4 out of 5 injected, even at 8ft I feel a light headache and after 15mins with necklace it is gone. New kids necklace will be good for the children, who have parents and grandparents vaccinated.Thank you Julia.
God Bless and Love to you.3


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Matthew, LA

Thank you Julia!  Wow the future is now! We are One, the healing of one human been benefit for the whole body of our magnificient consciousness. Let’s do it all and together. Much LOVE to you...

Carla, Texas

Hi Julia! My Rezotone experienceI just wanted to tell you I’ve received my rezotone for 6 weeks now, and I’m feeling more energy !I’m sleeping better too !Julia, I love, my REZOTONE device very much...


I was using 4G phone. And I start have migraines during last year. I was sure that this will be life long situation because of EMF around. Nothing really helped me.Now with the 5G...

Arne M. B.

Before when I went into the city of Zürich, which has very strong 5G, I would come back home drained out and energetically disturbed. It would take me at least 12 hours or more...