Rezotone experience

Ramírez Fernandez

REZOTONE helping vaccinated people to gain health back!

Dear Julia,

Sadly I made mistake and I had one shot of MODERNA vaccine.
My immune system is 20% less now, because of the vaccine.
Right now i still have a lot of times cold symptoms etc.
But with help of my ANGEL Resotone my spiritual practices goes up to 90 %
Here what happened : after i repent and ask for help God.
My prayers are being answered with the Acknowledged that i could do it by myself, but for this
I will need help from higher realms and YES!!! This help came to me with your Resotone (satva)
I really felt the energy go through my body in an intent way.
Now I should get rid of side effects of vaccine soon. I feel every day better and better.

With Love and Thank you!


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