Rezotone experience


Hi Everyone,
I like to share my personal experience with Rezotone 11 and normal Rezotone.
Normal Rezotone. First I have the first Rezotone USB and I have to say that we are so grateful we have got it because I no longer feel the negative effects of EMF. I carried my USB rezotone with me everywhere I go. We also have one plugged in, in each room. Since I am hyper sensitive and have learned to listen to my body I use the guidance of my left ear to detect EMF and so I no longer bother using an EMF meter reader.

If I forget to plug in the rezotone and if it is a cloudy or rainy day I noticed that the level of EMF seems to increase as if someone on purposely turn up the frequency, much higher than usual. The EMF bombardment is strong. When it is stormy weather it is even worst. My left ear would start to warm up and become really “hot” to the point of becoming uncomfortable. So I would move around the house to see where the EMF ray comes from and of course it would be exactly coming right directly from a tower at some distance from my home. The tower is not close to my home but still the EMF bombardment is still there. When this happens I would put the USB rezotone next to my ear to calm it down and the sensation just disappear immediately after a few seconds.

This one has extra wonderful features. For example, I would plug it for 20mn in the charger and would lie down and tune in into the Rezotone 11 for 45mn or sometimes 30mn or sometimes longer. Just as it was explained in the Rezotone manual 11. What I was very surprised with, is that the programs in the Rezotone 11 really works. It helps the body to calm down and it does it magical work at the background.

After just a few minutes of doing the rezotone healing session, I can feel in my body all the subtle flow of various energies balancing and adjusting the subtle bodies. I use both lights, the purple and the red. While this takes place, I use this opportunity to then do my own inner work with my cells or go into mediation.
The last 15mn of the rezotone 11 program leaves a beautiful feeling at the end of the session.

It also adjust any small ailment as I noticed within myself. For example, once I had a toothache and was planning to visit the dentist. However in the meantime I had a session with the rezotone and stayed little longer than 45mn. After the session my toothache was gone as if the program was also repairing it.
What I love with rezotone 11 is that I can change at will the program from the violet (or blue) light to the red light depending of what I want to experience. It is such a wonderful protector from the EMF with wonderful healing modalities, so versatile. Hopefully my feedback may be of help to those who may still wonder. I have bought so many other products before I found rezotone, even have house full of Shungite, etc But my body intuitive guidance system is much more in harmony with Rezotone. The level of protection is not at all the same.

Please note this is my personal own experience as I am hyper sensitive to EMF.
Everyone will react differently according to their own system set up. With much gratitude to all the scientists and team behind Rezotone. Thank you for all your wonderful work.

Christiane from Australia


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Rezotone technology will be a life-saver for those who accept it. Unfortunately, the majority will not accept or believe in it, but lives will be saved for those who do.