Rezotone experience

Rosy, Geneva

Dearest Julia,
Thank you very much for your loving words.
Is the presence of the REZOTONE technology had any impact on my well-being?
Although 74, I look like 60 and it seems aging has basically stopped since I received the first REZOTONE
USB stick in May 2021.
Since I carry the REZOTONE shield with me for over one year, people who haven’t seen me for a long time say that I rejuvenated. This is a lovely compliment and my health check was also successful.
What was confirmed to me straight away was that the oxygen level of my blood was excellent.
This includes wearing of the REZOTONE necklace which is beautiful and leaves me with a feeling of peacefulness
and stability.
I wish you and your team only the very best.
With gratitude and loving thoughts


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