Rezotone experience


Dear Julia, Since about 2014 I often suffered from pressure on the chest. After the Rezotone 12 purchased in late 2021, it disappeared instantly. The chest pains were worse after the Covid 19 times started, it felt like a certain ‘invisible force’ had stepped up, or increased in those times. Joint pain in the fingers disappeared too, just as mysteriously. Lots of love


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Amanda, CA

After I had bought USB REZOTONE, I noticed that it normalized my blood pressure and stopped my heart fibrillations, which I always had after EMF   exposure.


Jim, I slept with REZOTONE USB last night .The room felt abnormally peaceful. Still monitoring results, but man, these things work FAR better than the Q-Links, but really perhaps it just a different form...

Kiersten Caveli Sæderup

Hi Julia. I’m very happy with my Rezotone 12.I’ve had it for a week. I no longer have the pain, which I have had for over a year. I have EHS. and has been...


Dear Julia, Have a blessed day, and know that you have changed my life with my rezotone 12 healer, angel, miracle worker, 5G protector. Miracles have been taking place in my life since it...