Rezotone experience

Juelie S. Renkilde Pedersen

I have suffered from EHS (electro-hyper-sensitivity) for 17 years, since my mid 20’s. I am extremely sensitive to frequencies. For me, the first 5G Rezotone Shield was a life saver. I experienced a liberty I hadn’t experienced for years. Before then, I was very sick, from EMF from work (I’m a nurse). When I felt worse, I was suffering from 50 different symptoms, everything from memory loss, dizziness, tiredness and fatigue, pain in muscles & nerves, dysesthesia, nausea, migrane, paralysis and so much more.

The Rezotone helped me to the degree, were I became fully functional again in my daily life. I live in the country side without microwaves and low frequency noise as well, and this factor together with the Rezotone was making me fit in a very short amount of time.

I started to heal to point, were I could go to out again, shopping groceries etc. – but I need to have the Rezotone plugged in always, to an external battery, that I carry in my hand bag. It has protected me to an extend, that is beyond! And now with the new Rezotone 12 – with another 12 programs added, I can go to Copenhagen with 5G antennas every were. I am able to go out for diner, join a party or what ever, and I can forget my sensitivity – I still sense everything, but I am not damaged from it like before, I am protected, with the Rezotone 12 and the Angels working to heal us. This USB is highly recommended to all that suffers from EHS! I have tried ALL products on the market throughout the years – there’s so many deceptive and expensive products on the market – but this is the real deal.

“My most loyal and dearest friend Magic, is wearing Rezotone 12 when we go out – because he deserves the best”
I feel very grateful for the help I have recieved and I send warm greetings to the Russian team + to my dear friend Julia


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