Rezotone experience


There is a woman called Anne, who lives in my town. Anne is in her late 60s’. 3 weeks ago she was knocked down in her apartment because of 5G& EMF exposure. None of Anne’s family believe her and think she is making this all up. Her son wants her to get an MRI scan. Few days later Anne told me this when I was in her apartment last Friday. I happened to have the USB REZOTONE stick in my pocket, so I gave it to Anne.
“Try it today/tonight and see if it it helps”, I said.
The next day was Saturday and Anne called me. “Allan I normally wake a few times at night and then get up at 6-6:30am. Last night I woke up once, fell back to sleep and did not wake up until 9am. it was the longest nights sleep I’ve had in a very long time”, said Anne. Anne asked me if she could keep it for another night. I told her she could hang onto it for the entire bank holiday weekend.
I’m really happy that Anne is getting good rest at night, but since giving the USB to Anne, I’ve noticed that my sleeptime is not as peaceful and long-lasting.


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Kiersten Caveli Sæderup

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