Rezotone experience

Manuela, Zurich, ballettmeister

Beautiful Julia, Thank you so much for the Rezotone 12. My Sleep immediately improved. I’m living in a small apparement in Zurich, where above and below, vaxxed people are living and sleeping. Protection different than “normal” Rezotone. Adapted to the need at the moment. Thank you so much. I’m using a lot public transport etc. This as well calmer. But for me the number 1 is the excellent sleep I have now. Thank you so much, so much.

I love the green cumb. It came the right time, as i had to buy a new one. Now I got it from heaven. Bless you dear Julia. The green necklace is very beautiful. Thank you so much as well. I adore shungite. This beautiful pyramid is phantastic. I can take it with me when giving a class or travelling. It’s not heavy weightwise but extremely effective. Thank you.

Much much love to you


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