Rezotone experience


TESTIMONY ABOUT 5GREZOTONESHIELD USB v SHUNGITE. Here are a few words about my personal experience with being exposed to EMF. I work in the City where 5G has been partly been rolled out in the area where I work. Since this took place, I noticed a very uncomfortable sensation in my left ear, which would become warm, then reddish with a “burning sensation”. Sometimes followed by extreme fatigue and completely “zapped of energy”. I then search for solutions and found out about the qualities of Shungite. I bought few Shungite pieces and this helped me a lot especially at home but at work only to a point. Whenever I would answer a mobile phone that sensation was sometimes there, or if I sit in bus surrounded by many people, with the majority of them using their mobiles phones, I would still experience the same thing in my left ear. I was happy to find the Rezotone 5G shield website and I search and I bought the USB from Rezotone. When I received my order from Russia, I immediately went into action and put this USB to the test and I immediately felt the difference. No more uncomfortable feeling. I could be on the bus or at work or walking around in the city, I did not feel any of the symptoms described above. I felt total protection at all time I am using this device or in my pocket or plugged in into the power point or wall socket. Once I lied down holding the Rezotone USB in my hand and the change of current within my body was immediately felt, with a sense of “my cells feeling happy”. After having used the Rezotone USB now for several weeks in the City and buses, my preference is truly for the Rezotone USB shield because when it comes to EMF protection I have noticed the effect from the Rezotone USB is more efficient.


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Rezotone technology will be a life-saver for those who accept it. Unfortunately, the majority will not accept or believe in it, but lives will be saved for those who do.