Rezotone experience


something happened yesterday and I really think the rezotone saved me.
REZOTONE has been on me or with me every second for about 2 years and this week it went missing, couldn’t find it anywhere, totally strange.
So I searched and searched and then got my dowsing rods and asked if it wanted to get found and it showed ‘no’, like a crystal I thought needed elsewhere.
Then I got a bit worried that I wasn’t protected and I felt the energy of it telling me I am still protected and it’s working even when its not on me. Yesterday I had to take a long drive and I had another one REZOTONE from previous, brought it with me and plugged it into the car.
This is significant, because if I had of had my own one I’d of kept it in my pocket.
Driving about 60km distance the engine light went on and something was wrong – all the fluids were empty, coolant oil and water.
Got another 10km to a garage and he put over 10 litres of coolant and it disappeared into the engine! The water pump and fan belt were gone and I still was able to get the car home without any trouble at all.
I got this feeling that the rezotone plugged in got my car to safety and home again
Came home last night and found my other one in a pocket of a sweater.
I was driving on a motorway, that could have been far worse.
Also, didn’t use much diesel that day either.
Something happened there that really was working in my favour
Thanks Julia and all the team, saved again xxxxxxxxxx



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