Rezotone experience


A story of unbelievable good fortune for me whilst driving yesterday.

I had my Rezotone plugged into power socket in my Land Rover Defender for my journey

Driving my Defender over a country mountain road, it was cold, with snow on the ground, but the road was clear for the majority of the time. I came onto this corner, which had snow all over the road,… I was going to fast for the conditions, but could not slow down in time….the car started to skid, and the corner became sharper….. the car started heading for the verge, and I could see a drop at the other side of the verge…… I started to think that I was going to go over the verge, and there was nothing I could do. All of a sudden, the wheels found grip on the snow, and the car went round the corner as if it were on rails. Everything was Ok,… my heart was pounding, and I felt weak and shocked inside. I immediately thanked the Angel which had saved me.. It was truly an amazing event, I have no other explanation for it.

Whether this is the result of the Rezotone, and associated energies, I don’t know…… have you any thoughts?

More Rezotone news….. I live in the country, about 50 miles from main town, Aberdeen. It is very peaceful here, with poor mobile coverage. Usually, when I spend a day in town on business, I come home generally quite tired and it takes me next day to recover.

I have been in town for 2 days this week, with Rezotone plugged in car, and on my body when out of car. I have not felt any negative effects of being in town.

Also, there is another shopping center, where I occasionally visit, which has a big police cell tower very close. When visiting this place, I have felt disorientated, and unwell on a number of occasions previously. Today, I visited, with Rezotone on my body, and felt no ill effects at all.

My friend with stroke, reported that his sleep was disturbed for the first 3 nights, but is now sleeping very well. He feels calm within himself too, and his speech seems very clear, and 100% normal. He mentions having much reduced negative thoughts.

Trust you find the above of interest, and look forward to our future Rezotone journey.


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