Rezotone experience

Izee Spirit, Syndey

My dear Julia, Good evening to you. I hope you are doing well when you get this email. First of all, we would like to thank you for your Loving Tender Care. Fingers crossed I will be able to sleep tonight. I will keep you updated of my progress. I don’t know how we could have made it without your help and support. Not enough words to express our gratitude for what you’ve done for us. Love you,

Izee Spirit, Australia, Sydney


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When I first received the Rezotone USB, the first thing I noticed is a tingling sensation in the arm I was holding the device in. It was only a couple hours later that my...

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I have suffered from EHS (electro-hyper-sensitivity) for 17 years, since my mid 20’s. I am extremely sensitive to frequencies. For me, the first 5G Rezotone Shield was a life saver. I experienced a liberty...


Hello Rezotone team,  Thank you very much for the USB REZOTONE shield. I am using it and have noticed a TREMENDOUS difference already. Thank you for all you do and to everyone at your company...


My room open to outside all day long now and little lizards running right near the door and wish to go in, but scared, birds always stay right at the balcony and some also flying right in...