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aRAYah’, Florida

I have had my REZOTONE for more than 2 weeks and this is my experience in the first week:

I plugged the Rezotone into my pc (which I was subsequently told that it was recommended not to do as it has 15 programs and can overload the pc). After several hours on the computer on the first evening I felt my right nostril started to throb and clear? It felt somewhat similar to when one’s sinus starts to clear after a cold / plugged nose. However, I didn’t have a cold and thought that my nasal passages were perfectly clear already. On the second night my other nostril started to pulse … which again, I thought was clear! The throbbing in my nasal passages continued for about 4 days. I didn’t know what was going on, however I’ll try just about anything for health!

I remember thinking it felt like there was an open passage in my nose/brain that was so big that I could inhale an entire ship into my nasal passages and it would come out in Russia! LOL!!! Fast forward to day 5 – I felt like I needed to blow my nose and was shocked when I saw a BRIGHT NEON YELLOW liquid in my Kleenex! I thought… omg… I must have a perforation in my nose.. and was concerned that I could possibly be oozing some kind of cranial fluid!

In a panic I made an appt. with my Doctor for the following day just to make sure there wasn’t a hole in my nose leading to my brain! I sent a panic email to Jim (whom I contacted and spoke with at length before buying the Rezotone and was satisfied that it was real and not just internet hype). I asked him to send my panic email to Julia (the originator in Russia) in case she had any experience with what I was going through.

Julia called me (from Russia) within an hour at 11pm and was very excited! She told me not to worry that I was very lucky that this happened and that I should write a testimonial about it. She said that there were 15 programs within the Rezotone, some assisting with health and immunity. I was in a bit of a panic when Julia called because I was having this big detox and was very concerned … so I’ll share what I learned because it helped me to understand what was happening.

The neon yellow discharge happened 3x in the same day followed by a light clear discharge. I cancelled my Dr.’s appt. and I am totally fine now with a ‘new’ nose and a clearer brain – Huge BONUS! I still feel like a kid with a new toy and I’m still getting used to my new norm of amazing breathing and clarity! I can still feel like things are happening (slight pulsing in my nasal cavities and further up) and the clear breathing and feeling are getting even better!

About my detox: Julia told me that there are doctors in Russia and other countries who do a procedure to clear the sinus (similar to what I experienced) but they use steroids. Apparently it’s complex and expensive and doesn’t always work, so I really feel lucky!

The first night I used the REZOTONE I slept for 11 hours. I sleep with it plugged into a power bar in my bathroom (next to my bedroom). It was too powerful next to my bed.

The reason why I’ve been searching for a 5G protection tool is that I personally experienced what 5G felt like. It felt like I had stuck my fingers into a live socket and there was shards of glass running in my body vibrating dis-harmonically! It was a horrible experience! I was really looking to find the right product (if it existed) to help with some Wi-Fi/5G Radiation protection. I wanted to know as much as I could… so she explained a lot and I made some notes:

Here is some of what I learned: Julia said that you can’t ‘get rid of Wi-fi/5G radiation, but that the Rezotone Key transforms the Radiation and that it has other programs that assist with detox and health support… I had NO idea! I thought it was just for Wi-fi Radiation/5G! Also can improve gas mileage!!!

I told Julia that intuitively I was not drawn to the other USB Shield which is being marketed and I got a “NO” as to its effectiveness for me personally. That is when she told me that there is some ‘shade going on’ with a product which appears to be very similar to the bioshield, and is a simple USB LED Light being sold by one of the big sites for under $10. (without the Logo), and looks very similar! I follow my own guidance which is always recommended.

The Rezotone is hand-made in Russia and has 5 patents, Scientists technology, Government License and Certificate, and she said that it has been tested more than 3000 x by the army in radioactive areas; also that is being used personally by the head of their Country.

My best advice is to get as many facts and use discernment when it comes to protecting yourself. I very rarely write a review, however I find it helpful when other people do… so I’m returning the favor. These are critical times with all that is going on (Viruses & 5G) and I wanted to share my experience in case it might help others to stay as healthy and protected from 5G microwave radiation as possible.

Wishing you Health and Wellness




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