Rezotone experience

Finola Ní Fhoghlu

Dearest Julia, I have tested the new Rezotone 12 and I have found it definitely does work. This weekend I was exposed to a lot of injected people, it didn’t bother me like it had been previously, because Rezotone12  arrived !!! For the past few weeks, my head has been swollen, feeling lethargic after being in close contact with them, energy wiped out and brain sore.

Occasionally when it was a larger group of injected people together, I could feel myself backing away little by little, the pressure inside my head would ever so slightly be there then go away very quickly. When in the supermarket and feeling pressure from large numbers of infected people, I held the Rezotone 12 device and asked it for ‘protection, protection, protection’ and I could feel my whole energy field fill with pure white light. It was incredible.

When I see with my minds eye, these vaccinated people are alike WWII sea mines and emitting negative energy in pulses from the spikes. The Rezotone12 that filled my energy field with white light became the invert of this energy, I could see how it was creating a field around me and also catching the spikes. So cool.

That’s where I am right now, with this technology my life quality has been improved, I can be amongst the injected and feel ok, I am very tuned into energy and previously being near any of them was hurting my whole being.

I give to Rezotone 12 a 90% improvement, which is a miracle in itself. It is absolutely brilliant. I also notice that the injected people’s brains are swollen and its is making them irritable, aggressive and very opinionated (their way or the highway) when I go close to them with this Rezotone 12 device,  they are calming down also.

Why 90 %? Because both of Finola’s close family relatives have had two, Sars2 CoVid19, gene editing injections aka ‘vaccines’.
When she is near them she feels a slight effect from their injections ‘vaccines’ simply because her and her close family relatives DNA is identical.
This is why this effect is stronger with ones relatives, the “spikes” are getting a “green light” like an open door to come at her.

The roads here have become very dangerous, especially the older people who got the vaccine shot first, they are driving very erratically. Spacial awareness and logic decaying rapidly. I have stopped seeing clients, only see the very few that are usually children with swollen brains from being around their vaccinated parents and grand parents.

I have the 5G rezotone12  plugged in and the whole place is protected, people come and love the energy and don’t know why. Many are from Dublin (Big Tech HQ) and are bombarded with many many types of disharmonious frequencies, being outdoor in nature with the Rezotone12 frequency is completely healing and uplifting them, they feel great and its beautiful to see.

Have also being using the Q Light generator and it too is helping me a lot, pulsing it into the area of my body that is feeling affected by ” spikes”, was all my brain tissue now its one particular area, and the Q light generator turns it down. Menstrual cycle is also very dense, feels like sludge, feeling pressure there most of the month now and the Q light feels beautiful.

I am learning how to connect with the device, I can see its dynamic and has the ability to reassess itself. Whenever I ask for more protection the white light comes in !!!! Thank you so much for this amazing technology. Really appreciate the opportunity to use it and feel protected in this way.

There is something more going on with those who have had surgery, the blood and wounds seems to amplify the effects, the components of the injection seem to get excited greatly. I also feel that my spirit guides want me to know and experience this so that I can work it out an find solutions. And now with Rezotone 12 it was done!

To date, I have made no effort to find a way to help the injected, my guides tell me not to. That’s my honest feedback to you and the team. Thanks so much for everything you do and all the help you are offering the world. Love the serotonin by the way, it is also helping me hugely at this time. I will be getting some more very soon.

Have a most wonderful day
Best Wishes

Finola Ní Fhoghlu


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