Rezotone experience

Leslie Waters and Nigel Roper

My husband (Nigel) and I (Leslie) have been carrying a REZOTONE 12 around our neck for 5 days now. I have turned off all other EMF protection within my business premises and home from that time. Here are our observations to date:
From Leslie:

I have had arthritis in my knees since age 29 and have managed it with magnets and occasional PEMF treatments. Preferring not to have knee replacement surgery. At the time of receiving the REZONTONE 12 I was experiencing medium pain in both knees and stiffness in one of my finger joints every day. Within 24 hours of wearing the REZOTONE 12 I started noticing a reduction in pain in both knees and my finger, by day 3 I have NO pain. This now means I can walk normally without having to walk with an unnatural gait which I did in order to reduce the pain.
Bladder control – for about a year I have felt like there is something pushing on my bladder. I drink a lot of water, so often have to RUN to the bathroom. Pretty much since the first day of wearing the REZOTONE 12 I have not felt that pressure so bathroom trips are more leisurely and fewer and far between. This has made a huge difference to my daily routine, and the one I am most grateful for.
Each night I have to roll over at least once as I am woken up with a burning sensation in the hip on the side that I am sleeping on. After 2 nights with the REZOTONE 12 I found I no longer have to turn over and am waking up in the same position I went to bed in. So my quality of sleep has improved because of this.
After wearing this REZOTONE 12 for 5 days, I have lost 1 kg in weight. I do not easily lose weight, so it was a pleasant surprise. For some reason though, I have felt like eating more fruit since wearing it. I do know that my digestion is not good so maybe this device has improved that as well. Whatever the reason – I am very thankful, as well as very surprised.

In conclusion,
I am loving this device, the many technologies within the REZOTONE 12 are mind blowing. I am a connoisseur of energy medicine devices and most offer one technology, not multiple in one device. Since the mid-late 1980’s I have been collecting many energy medicine devices, hand held devices – some battery operated, some plug in; professional mat systems; magnetic pulsers; Ultra sound; various PEMF; Cold Laser; ALL of the millimeter wave CEM-TECH/SPINOR devices and attachments ; Scenar; The various SPOOKY2 generators; different Miramate devices; different Rife devices; EMF remediation Lasers, and I sell various EMF protection devices. I could literally open a museum. The science and history behind all of these fascinate me.
However….. I must say, because of the size, the results seen thus far, and the ease of use, plus the amount of technologies that are packed into this tiny device… THE REZOTONE 12 is hands down my favourite. It is a game changer.

From Nigel :

I have many issues. I do not sleep well, I toss and turn, have restless leg so I often kick out whilst asleep and breathe loudly and snore most nights, which wakes my wife up. I also have energy problems usually after the middle of the day to mid afternoon. My energy wains so much that I nearly fall asleep whilst driving. So I try to avoid driving during that time of the day. After the 2nd night of wearing the REZOTONE 12 my wife tells me that I am not tossing and turning any more, and there is no more loud or erratic breathing or snoring or leg kicking. That improvement in sleep patterns seems to have translated to more energy during the days. I no longer feel like I need to have a nap after lunch. This is a huge relief.

Most days I have pain in my feet, in my hands and above the knees, and most days take pain killers for relief. Since I started wearing the REZOTONE 12 I have noticed a small and further reduction in pain each day in the area above my knees and in my hands. If this continues, then I can see there will be a time in the near future, when I will be pain free.

I have other issues as well, that I cannot comment on at this time, as I will only know if there is any improvement after future medical tests.

I am pleasantly surprised in the benefits that can be achieved in such little time with such a small, inconspicuous device. I charge it once a day whilst I shower and prepare for bed and then just wear it around my neck the rest of the time. It could not be easier. If it wasn’t so user friendly and hassle free, then I probably would not be using it.

Summary: Before using the REZOTONE 12 my husband and I had a health evaluation based on DNA analysis, and in a week or 2 we will be having a follow up, with a consultation to explain any before and after differences. And because of what I have experienced in just 5 days of wearing the REZOTONE 12, I am expecting to see a marked improvement in the after analysis for us both.

Thank you Julia and the REZOTONE 12 team. I love this device and I think it is a gift at the price. I would recommend that everybody should be wearing one, not only for EMF protection, but also to improve health outcomes.

Best wishes and kind thoughts, Leslie Waters and Nigel Roper.


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