Rezotone experience

Sibylle Gabrielv

Since I use the Rezotone UBS stick I sleep much longer and better and I can work longer and thinking is much easier, I am more creative.

I told all my friends and contacts to get a Rezotone without waiting to have a protection when they start with 5G everywhere.
I tested at least 12 protection devices, some were very expensive and had no lasting effect. Only Somavedic and the Cosmic Tower are worth the investment but are much more expensive. Rezotone12 is small and unique. It is the best one considering all characteristics.
My eyesight got better because of Rezotone, I have to change my glasses, -3.25 now -1.75 !!!
Of course this effect could be a in combination with the other devices from Rezotone, the water filter, the pyramid and cards. All smart and easy to use.


More experiences

Jana Vickova

Few words about Rezotone 12. We are really happy with my friend. Not only for protection. First few days I was tired and few days sick (very old bacterie – 32 years). But now,...

Alexander Johnston, Columbia, MO

When I first received the Rezotone USB, the first thing I noticed is a tingling sensation in the arm I was holding the device in. It was only a couple hours later that my...


Had a wonderful sleep last night…definitely so much better now I can have the rezotone in the bedroom…brilliant! I like to switch off the electrics in most of the house most of the time and definitely...

Kiersten Caveli Sæderup

Hi Julia. I’m very happy with my Rezotone 12.I’ve had it for a week. I no longer have the pain, which I have had for over a year. I have EHS. and has been...