Rezotone experience

Alexander Johnston, Columbia, MO

When I first received the Rezotone USB, the first thing I noticed is a tingling sensation in the arm I was holding the device in. It was only a couple hours later that my sinuses started to clear up, and I felt lighter in the shoulders. I primarily use the device to mitigate harmful WiFi signals by having it plugged in the modem.

I do notice a difference. Without the device I feel a weird tingling sensation and get headaches most of the time. I no longer experience these discomforts around WiFi while the Rezotone USB is plugged in the modem. Thumbs up for this incredible technology!

Side note: if you cut a 550 cord, and take out one of the strings, you can thread and use that string to hang around your neck. The Rezotone USB case has a tiny hole, which you can use. 19:19(like)


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