Rezotone experience


Pete and I used the new Rezotones 12 for the first time…WOW! I couldn’t believe what I was feeling…it was amazing…I never felt it with the original Rezotones…it was so strong and so powerful… 

And yesterday I went to see a friend who has a new puppy and an old dog…the new puppy slept on my chest (on my Rezotone 12) for hours and the old dog was trying to climb on my lap while I was cuddling the puppy and my legs are a bit scratched and I had to cuddle both of them for ages…they wanted the energy of REZOTONE …it really is AMAZING!

Also, all year with Rezotones plugged in we have EVEN MORE birds here right up to the house…they LOVE the energy even more and have been telling their bird friends. They sit on the roof above where they are plugged in…they never did that before. They are here all the time…just trying to get the energy and protection I am sure!

Thank you so much Julia and the Russian scientists for all that you do to help us all and to keep us rejuvenated and healthy during these evolving times! AMAZING!


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