Rezotone experience

Eva, Feistadt

I have the USB 6 weeks now and I´m so glad and grateful for it! When 5g was rolled out in my city, I felt so sensitive to it, that I thought I have to move somewhere else. Now with the USB, I feel the radiation much less when in the city. Most effectively I feel the protection in my apartment. When entering there is a welcoming and relaxed energy, because it is cleared from disturbing radiation. The first time I plugged it in I felt the immediate relieve in minutes and the first night I couldn’t sleep because I was so filled up of the energy coming back to me:) Now I sleep like a baby. My 8 year old son and I enjoy both this cleared environment and there is more space for Love, that´s the best part of it! I began to use it in my yoga classes and there is so much more free energy for everybody to breath, to move and to fill our bodies and minds with good vibrations! I am grateful, every single day!

Thank you all for your brilliant work!

Have a fulfilling day!

Warm Regards



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