Rezotone experience

Arne M. B.

Before when I went into the city of Zürich, which has very strong 5G, I would come back home drained out and energetically disturbed. It would take me at least 12 hours or more to recuperate. Now with the Rezotone in my pocket, I can be among a big crowd and in the middle of radiation feeling very centered, grounded, and protected. This is almost unbelievable! I come home and my energy is still up and positive. Also in the house, I enjoy very much when Rezotone is in the USB charger, the whole house feels very clean and uplifting.

Thank you to the whole team of Rezotone for making this great device available! You are literally saving people’s lives. I feel very grateful that I found you.


More experiences

Matthew, LA

Thank you Julia!  Wow the future is now! We are One, the healing of one human been benefit for the whole body of our magnificient consciousness. Let’s do it all and together. Much LOVE to you...

Sibylle Gabrielv

Since I use the Rezotone UBS stick I sleep much longer and better and I can work longer and thinking is much easier, I am more creative. I told all my friends and contacts to...

Ramírez Fernandez

REZOTONE helping vaccinated people to gain health back! Dear Julia, Sadly I made mistake and I had one shot of MODERNA vaccine.My immune system is 20% less now, because of the vaccine.Right now i still have...

Amanda, CA

After I had bought USB REZOTONE, I noticed that it normalized my blood pressure and stopped my heart fibrillations, which I always had after EMF   exposure.