Rezotone experience

April & Jay Matta

Hi Julia,
I hope you are doing awesome! I’ve been meaning to connect with you and share my Rezotone results For the past yr or so, I’ve had the world’s worst night sweats, literally waking up every single night at the 3:00-4:00 AM hour drenched, sheets and all. It became much worse the last 6 months with all the ascension symptoms and energies off the charts. I was desperate and tried every natural remedy under the sun and nothing worked. It was truly awful and taking a serious toll on my nerves. Then, by the grace of God, you sent the Rezotone. I had no clue what to expect as I never heard of this product prior.

So, I plugged it in the 1st night and miraculously I slept through the entire night!! At first, I thought it was a fluke. So, the next night I tried it again, and woke up – but much less of the night sweats.

By day three, I was cured!! LOL. And, since then have not had a single night sweat. You can not out a price on a great night’s sleep. I can not thank you enough. This product has been such a blessing and I am so grateful beyond words.
Many Blessings of Love, Health, & Prosperity,


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