Rezotone experience


Hello Rezotone team,  Thank you very much for the USB REZOTONE shield. I am using it and have noticed a TREMENDOUS difference already. Thank you for all you do and to everyone at your company who has made this possible. For the time being i can conclude, having used it for a couple of days, that this has life-changing potential. Have a great day, week and i hope that many more people find your work and reap its benefits!

Kindest regards, Alex


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Carla, Texas

Hi Julia! My Rezotone experienceI just wanted to tell you I’ve received my rezotone for 6 weeks now, and I’m feeling more energy !I’m sleeping better too !Julia, I love, my REZOTONE device very much...

NADIA, Doctor in osteopathic Medicine

Skin had red spots from EMF exposure, completely vanished during the previous night after using USB! The key is an amplifier of our personal divinity! It will give us back what we are spreading...


Rezotone technology will be a life-saver for those who accept it. Unfortunately, the majority will not accept or believe in it, but lives will be saved for those who do.


My room open to outside all day long now and little lizards running right near the door and wish to go in, but scared, birds always stay right at the balcony and some also flying right in...