Rezotone experience


Hello Rezotone team,  Thank you very much for the USB REZOTONE shield. I am using it and have noticed a TREMENDOUS difference already. Thank you for all you do and to everyone at your company who has made this possible. For the time being i can conclude, having used it for a couple of days, that this has life-changing potential. Have a great day, week and i hope that many more people find your work and reap its benefits!

Kindest regards, Alex


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Had a wonderful sleep last night…definitely so much better now I can have the rezotone in the bedroom…brilliant! I like to switch off the electrics in most of the house most of the time and definitely...


Dear Julia, Since about 2014 I often suffered from pressure on the chest. After the Rezotone 12 purchased in late 2021, it disappeared instantly. The chest pains were worse after the Covid 19 times...

Kiersten Caveli Sæderup

Hi Julia. I’m very happy with my Rezotone 12.I’ve had it for a week. I no longer have the pain, which I have had for over a year. I have EHS. and has been...

Arne M. B.

Before when I went into the city of Zürich, which has very strong 5G, I would come back home drained out and energetically disturbed. It would take me at least 12 hours or more...