The most advanced full-spectrum quantum biological protection from 5G and EMF radiation! The shielding technology makes an impenetrable protection and harmonisation of your home and family for all harmful ionized and non-ionized radiation.

Rezotone Shield

The only one 5G + EMF protection with life environment harmonization, designed by highly qualified team of Scientists and Academicians.


The process is that of converting harmful radiation into useful radiation. The radiation itself does not disappear, but is converted into another form.


Strongly protects against 3G, 4G and 5G and also quickly repairs all damage to the human body when exposed to harmful radiation (e.g. daily work environment).


The Rezotone is a means of individual protection of the energy, emotional and informational field of a person. It will organize space around people with mechanisms working in great harmony.

Rezotone Shield against EMF radiation

Neutralization and revitalization of electromagnetic fields from unnatural sources, such as laptops, cordless telephones, WLAN, tablets, etc. A Rezotone protects the size of a family house when connected to a charger.

It allows biological organisms such as animals, plants and/or humans to recover faster and easier. When the Rezotone is unplugged from the power source, the size of the protective shield field is reduced around the person's own magnetic field, by the device's own antennae, but the protection is not lost.

Rezotone Shield against EMF radiation


People like you! Real results, spectacular changes. See what others have to say about their experience with our products.

"After I had bought USB REZOTONE, I noticed that it normalized my blood pressure and stopped my heart fibrillations, which I always had after EMF exposure."

Amanda, USA, CA
Rezotone Owner

“I have been using this USB stick for a week now and I see a profound shift in the energy around me using phones, computer and so forth. I sleep better, have more clarity and it works really well in the car."

Peter, The Netherlands
Rezotone Owner

"Rezotone technology will be a life-saver for those who accept it. Unfortunately, the majority will not accept or believe in it, but lives will be saved for those who do."

Rezotone Owner