5G and EMF Radiation protection to you and your family. Get 5% with coupon: PROTECTED

After many years of research, a highly qualified team of scientists, PhD., and Academicians are proud to bring this device to the market. The Rezotone Shield has the capability of producing a shield to protect and harmonize a family house when plugged into a charger.

The Rezotone Shield is the result of the most advanced worldwide technology currently available, related to, but not limited to, neutralizing the devastating effects caused by non-natural electromagnetic waves, particularly (but not limited to) 5G, for biological organisms, as much of human, animal and plant nature. It includes 85 lifesaving programs, most are patented, to protect you from electromagnetic radiation (EMF), by emitting energy and frequencies to neutralize the harmful effects of this radiation. Resulting from research over several decades, the Rezotone Shield makes it possible, thanks to a process of quantum oscillation, to neutralize and re-harmonize the disturbing frequencies arising from the electro-magnetic fog induced by all devices made by human beings, such as laptops, cordless phones, WLAN, tablets, etc. The first Rezotone device was created in 2011.


Help to protect against both ionized and non-ionized radiation including 5G and WiFi technology.

Restoring atoms

Able to restore the geometrical nature of the atoms to reach efficiency.

Not blocking

The unit does not block or absorb radiation but rather restores the coherence of the geometry of the atoms.

How it works

The effect of the device is not limited to EMF, there is a powerful positive effect on all physiological and geo-biological parameters, reducing or removing quite a lot of geopathic zones inside and out. Including Curry and Hartman Grids.

There are programs that highly protect from 3G, 4G, and 5G, which rapidly restore and improve all systems in the human body after exposure. Most amazingly, in many cases, it improved well-being to a much higher level, following exposure to 5G. In stressful situations for the body, the Rezotone serves as a stabilizer of the human biofield and enhances sensory abilities.

Rezotone is a means of individual protection of the energy, emotional and informational field of a person. This program will organize space around people with mechanisms working in great harmony, including the motor in the car.

There are fewer accidents on the roads because Rezotone raises the sensing abilities of the drivers and harmonizes the coordination of the car, especially when surrounded by other vehicles.

When Rezotone is continuously in the vehicle the engine works efficiently causing the structure of gasoline to change because. As a result, it saves gasoline up to 10-30% depending on the vehicle model. It also works for trains, boats and small airplanes.

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How to use

Plug the Rezotone in a 5V electric charger: A red light of varying intensity will be emitted by the Key, demonstrating its proper functioning. Now the span of the Rezotone is 40m² (up to 5m radius) and all disturbances, both electromagnetic and geo-biological, are converted into resonance fields inducing, by meta-conversion, vital frequencies for all biological organisms of any kind.

Wear the Rezotone on yourself: it is the energy field of the user himself (Human Body Field, HBF) that activates the Key. Now the span of the Key is 1.5m (3m in diameter) and allows the creation of a protective bubble when the user moves on the street or elsewhere than at home.

Plug four Rezotone in a 5V electric charger: get maximum effectiveness when 4 Rezotone are placed in a square, at a maximum of 10 meters apart, inside a habitat, and located at each cardinal point (North; South; East; West).

Put Rezotone into your vehicle, the surrounding space is harmonized, and the driver will not feel tired. Motor works efficiently causing the structure of fuel to change. As a result, it saves gasoline up to 18-30% depending on the vehicle model. It also works for trains, boats and small airplanes. The Rezotone is required to be placed in vehicle 12 hours prior driving.

Rezotone shield

You can buy the Rezotone Shield for £400 £330 on our Partner’s webshop on Aluna Healing. Do not forget to use the coupon code “PROTECTED” to get 5% discount! (use the English language for the right code) To process the order and the finish the delivery is usually 2 or 3 weeks, based on the country of the delivery. There is 1 year guarantee for the Rezotone Shield.

  • Removes harmful radiation influences
  • EMF protection for a whole house
  • Good and longer restful sleep
  • Works as a necklace with protection
  • Harmony in family and other relationships
  • Better concentration and motivation to do things
  • Anti-gravity program
  • Protects from flu and more
  • Nails and hair are growing stronger and faster
  • Children are behaving better at home and in school
  • Pain relief
  • Gives extra power and strength to elderly people
  • Plasticity of the body for activities such as yoga and ballet

The most advanced full-spectrum quantum biological shielding technology is now available to the public. An impenetrable shielding and harmonization of your home and family for all harmful ionized and non-ionized radiation (includes 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI and more).

Duration of life

Current studies have demonstrated a minimum service life of 9 years, as long as the Key is not exposed to extreme heat or cold conditions, which could affect the quality or function of its components.

The operating time is limited only by the operating time of the electrical components and the physical configuration state that has been installed on the antenna’s generator. If the generator stops working, then the flash drive can be used individually, keeping it within its own field.


Do not buy imitations!

Do not place the unit near high voltage electrical fields, a magnet (such as music speakers), or in a very cold or very hot place!

This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease. If you have any medical problems please refer to your health practitioner.

Do not connect the unit to a computer, laptop, or tablet – because the computer may try to run the encrypted programs continuously.


This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease.

The information in this leaflet is meant as a general guide.

If you have any medical problems please refer to your health practitioner.